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5 Questions with Kevin Brosseau, Client Services

Since joining the Etix team in 2010, Kevin has played an essential role as a member of the Etix Training department. After 3 years of working closely with Client Services in his Training position, Kevin has recently made a smooth transition to our Client Services department as Manager of Client Services.

Please join us in welcoming Kevin to our Client Services team, and get to know a little more about him:

1. You’ve been working at Etix for almost 4 years now. What’s the biggest change you’ve seen over the years?

Definitely our product. It has improved tremendously, and I truly love it. I take great pride in what our product team makes, and I love sharing it with our clients.

2. How was the transition from Training to Client Services?

Training is more one-on-one, webinars and different recorded sessions. Now that I am in Client Services, I’m handling direct questions from clients about their events and our products. It is a great change for me professionally and for the company as well. We are continually growing, and we needed to add a manager to the Client Services team to make sure that our service is consistently top notch.

3. What’s your favorite live event of all time?

It has to be a tie. First, I went to the  San Francisco Giants vs. Detroit Tigers World Series game in 2012. The Giants’ Pablo Sandoval hit 3 home runs during the game; it was insane. Secondly, I went to my first English Premier League game last year, which has always been a dream of mine. It was the Fulham vs. Manchester City game in Fulham, London. It was a 4-2 game, so it was really entertaining to watch and such a cool experience.

4. So now we know your favorite live event. What’s your dream live event?

Well right now, it has to be seeing a World Cup final. If Team USA made it to the finals, I would go anywhere to watch it.

5. And how do you enjoy your spare time outside of Etix?

I love running! I have done two half marathons, and I am doing another one in the fall. Other than that, my wife and I really enjoy traveling. We have a bunch of places on our bucket list, including all the NC lighthouses and all the major baseball parks in the US.


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