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An Etix Thanksgiving: What We’re Thankful for

Etix Thanksgiving

We’ve had a lot of buzz in 2017 and a lot to be thankful for, including our partners and clients and a team that works hard to keep the best ticketing platform running! We asked some of our team to share what they’re thankful for. 

"Being the best Golden Tee player at Etix and maybe in entire state of NC."

− Paxton

"My family."

− Geraleese

"Fall leaves, walks with coworkers, Snaggit, morale of this team, family."

− Leah

"My family."

− Kevin

"I am thankful for my family, my dog and the Angus Barn."

− Robert

"My family."

− Amber


− Alexa

"My family & friends."

− Sarah

"Thankful for an amazing 2017 at Etix!"

− Maria

"My family, friends and Stranger Things."

− Katie


− Matt

"My family and wife, and good place to work"

− Keith

"Waffles, Friends, Work"

− Zarrin

"My healthy family."

− Weigan


− Chris B.

"My wife, my son, being a part of the Etix team, and pretzels. I really like pretzels."

− Joe


− Rahul

"I'm thankful for the roof over my head, my health, my kids and my dog, Desmond. <3"

− Molly


− Harrison

"My mother, nana and brother. "

− Alex

"Sweden making it to the World Cup!"

− Krister


− Michael