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Catching Up With The Etix Interns

Etix Interns

We’ve been very lucky to have some rockstar interns join our team this year. Their hard work helps us do what we do best, and we’re proud of everything they’ve accomplished. Read what our interns have to say about their experience working at Etix and Rockhouse Partners!

Jessica Norton, RHP Marketing Intern
North Carolina State University ’17

Like many other college students seeking an internship, I was fearful that the rumors of endless coffee runs and busy work were true. At Rockhouse Partners, however, my experience has been far from that. I have had the opportunity to work alongside clients and perform tasks that satisfy their individual needs. Throughout the duration of my internship thus far, I have successfully generated email newsletters, written and scheduled weekly social posts, edited websites and sat in on various calls with clients. Additionally, I had my first experience at Etix Live where I had the opportunity to sit in on training sessions that help clients and users like myself better understand the Etix system.

The Rockhouse team has made me feel confident, capable, and knowledgeable in many aspects of digital marketing. Each day I leave the office, I feel more confident in my marketing skills and ability to communicate with others. I can expect to receive constructive feedback and I am frequently encouraged to ask questions and voice my opinions. I am grateful for the opportunity to intern here at Rockhouse, and I will continue to appreciate this experience in preparing for my future.”

Catie Ball, RHP Marketing Intern
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ’18

Live events has been such a fascinating industry to learn about. There’s product being purchased, so you really can see how well a marketing campaign is working. You are creating work around an artist you know (or pretend to know). Country stars, rock bands, or comedians – you’ll likely come across someone that you love and it is really cool to create something that markets them. Also, live events are always moving and changing and you have to be flexible and ready for any last-minute crises. Seeing the team at Rockhouse manage the different client personalities, events, strategies, and schedule changes has taught me just as much about how to function in a real job. I think the most exciting thing I’ve learned from this internship is that you don’t have to pick a side, suit up, and play only for that team. You can implement creativity in your work (and probably should), and then have the data to back up everything you’re doing. It’s definitely the best of both worlds.

I’m so grateful to Rockhouse for taking a chance on an inexperienced student like me, giving me marketable skills, opening up a new world of possibilities, and being an absolute joy to come work every day this semester.

Sonia Hupfeld-Cousineau, Graphic Design Intern
North Carolina State University ’17

Working with Etix has been one of the most enjoyable experiences thus far in my professional career. I first entered this position with no real idea of what I was getting myself into: what exactly does a ticketing software company do, and am I a good fit for this industry? Thanks to the wonderful teams at both Etix and Rockhouse Partners, I have not only been able to hone certain design skillsets, but I have been able to grow with the company as well. I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, ranging from website mockups and templating to assisting with marketing promotions and sales presentations, designing swag and unique collateral for clients to assisting with the designs for many events throughout the year – if only to name a few things.

The Etix and Rockhouse teams have been more than just employers to me: they are my mentors, my peers, my friends. We work together towards a common goal, constantly encouraging each other through constructive feedback, challenging goals, and a deep sense of comradery. I am so very grateful for the experiences I’ve had with Etix, and cannot wait to learn more.