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Customer Service Spotlight: Soaring Eagle Casino

Soaring Eagle Header

“Kimberly rocks as our customer service representative! She is always so cheerful and is available whenever we need her, whether it’s on the phone or in-person.”

Jill Spindler, Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

At Etix, Service is one of our four core values. Our Client Services Specialist, Kimberly Kolb, exemplifies Etix customer service.


In working with Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort, Kimberly administers the following:

1. Casino Entertainment & Ticketing Expertise. After working with as many as 30 different casinos, Kimberly is an expert when it comes to casino entertainment, ticketing and promotions. With her experience, Kimberly brings added value to our casino clients by acting as a consultant to help them sell more tickets and grow their brand.

2. Concierge Service. Kimberly not only builds performances, but she also creates seating charts, sets up password protected pre-sales, helps manage holds, and makes sure that clients are up-to-date on the latest Etix products and features.

3. Thorough Knowledge of Casino Operating Procedures. With over nine years of experience working with casinos, Kimberly knows how they’re structured both internally and externally. She knows who to contact for specific needs and understands the day-to-day operations, language and terms used by casinos.

4. Quick Response Time. Kimberly is available via phone and email when she’s needed, especially for last minute performance changes. She’s also available to travel on-site for additional support and training.

5. Professionalism and Efficiency. Kimberly is quick to establish close, professional relationships with casino staff members. She’s also extremely friendly and works well with others.

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