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Facebook Ads: Is your Content REALLY that good?

Facebook Ad Content

We see it all the time – an image with a 1.9:1 ratio meant to be used for a show’s Facebook ads. Just a single image, typically a shrunken down version of an admat, covered with text including the venue’s name, the time of the show, where to get tickets, the box office’s phone number, etc.

As digital marketers, this makes us cringe because we already know that this creative will not reach as many eyeballs as we would want. Though our targeting might be laser-focused with geographic regions perfectly outlined and demographics nailed down, the ad will not yield the return that is possible even with effective targeting. Below are three tips to improve your Facebook Ad creative to ensure that you reach as many people as possible.

Images should not have ANY text

Facebook always puts it users first, not businesses. The Facebook algorithm works tirelessly to make sure the their users are not seeing spammy or inappropriate content. Ultimately, it  ensures that users won’t stop using Facebook because they have to sort through spammy posts and ads every time they log in.

So what does this mean for you? Don’t use images that have any text in or on them! If you place an ad using an image with text, Facebook’s algorithm will pick up on the present text and limit the delivery of your ad (aka wasting your budget and your time). You can always put the date of the show and the venue in the caption to avoid having it on the graphic you choose to use.

Video, video, video

We have seen time and time again that video outperforms photos when used in an ad. This occurs due to several reasons, but most notably because video content ranks higher in the Facebook algorithm and automatically start playing when viewed. Some people believe that videos cost more to run, but this is actually not the case. On average, when using video instead of an image for a show announcement ad, we see a 15% lower cost-per-click (CPC). For a presale ad, we see a 268% lower CPC, and for an onsale ad we see a 76% lower CPC.

Don’t have the resources to create a video to use on social? Upload the TV spot, ask a promoter, or share an approved video from the artist’s Facebook page!

Facebook Video Ads

Monitor the relevancy score.

How do we measure if the content we put out is really effective to our target audience? Check out your ad’s relevancy score! This can be found at the ad level (within the ad set) next to your other metrics. This number is a rating from 1 to 10 that estimates how well your target audience is responding to your ad. This score is shown after your ad receives more than 500 impressions. If this number is low, try switching out your creative or refining your targeting. If this number is high, that’s great news! Your ad creative is right on point.

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