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Davis Bryson gif

Davis Bryson

Sales Team

When Davis joined our crew as an intern in Spring of 2015, it didn’t take long for him to prove himself as a true asset to the Etix team. Not only has his passion for sports translated into a strong work ethic but has been the driving force we needed to get the Etix basketball team going.

Here are three things you really need to know about Davis:

1. Appeared in a Time Magazine ad when he was 14 .

If Davis looks a bit familiar, it’s probably because you remember him as the young Boy Scout in that one Toyota ad from 9 years ago. He’ll be here all day folks.

2. Has been a loyal fan of the Carolina Panthers since their inception. 

It’s only destiny that both Davis and the Carolina Panthers would come into the  world in 1993, and he’s been loyal fan to his birthright since.

3.  Backpacked over 100 miles in one week in the mountains of New Mexico.

100 miles of hiking is no easy feat, but doing it in one week? Now that’s just crazy. Clearly someone ate their Wheaties.