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Shepler’s Ferry’s New Website


Success Stories: How Etix and Rockhouse Partners  helped Shepler’s Ferry increase sales with a new website.

"We went to Rockhouse early this year and told them that we wanted to go a different direction with our site. Up until that point we had a desktop site and a separate mobile site, which made it difficult to update and to keep a cohesive brand. We wanted the focus to be to sell tickets and to make it simple. Rockhouse ran with the idea and you can see the results below. We’re blown away by the success of the new mobile responsive site. We have seen our mobile sales increase exponentially and our overall sales are more than we hoped for."

− Misty Martinchek, Marketing Director

The Opportunity

The premier Mackinaw Island ferry of Michigan, Shepler’s Mackinaw Island Ferry, has been a close friend of ours for quite a few years now. We designed a website for them back in 2012, and we’ve been assisting with email marketing ever since.

Shepler’s Ferry celebrated their 70th year in June 2015, which led to some updated branding. We all thought it was about time the website had a fresh look as well. The 2012 website design wasn’t bad… for 2012. But the world wide web looks much different after 3 years. We saw some big opportunities for a new design:

  • Mobile-responsiveness, removing the need to manage both mobile and a desktop versions of the site.
  • A UX that is more conducive to the average ferry customer who just wants to buy a ticket and go.
  • A content structure and sitemap that makes more sense for Shepler’s Ferry’s additional offerings, with bigger, bolder CTAs.

What We Did

We made it happen. We collaborated with Shepler’s Ferry on a site design that is modern, simple, mobile responsive, and presents bold CTAs from the very start.

The Results

mobile referrals to Etix

desktop referrals to Etix

Happy 70th birthday, Shepler’s Ferry!