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Success Stories: Dallas Summer Musicals


"Transitioning to Etix and having Rockhouse Partners assist with our email marketing has allowed us to not only sell more tickets, but also use customer data and analytics to send personalized campaigns tailored to our most valuable patrons' interests and needs."

− Tony Joy, Advertising & Promotions Coordinator


On January 1, 2015 our Rockhouse Partners team rang in the new year by officially welcoming Dallas Summer Musicals to the Etix platform. During the transition, Rockhouse began working with the DSM marketing team to define their 2015 season goals and develop an integrated marketing strategy that would continue to increase patron loyalty and sell more tickets.

Act I: The Challenges

  • Acclimate the DSM marketing team to new tools, platforms and functionality.
  • Redefine their email marketing strategy to help familiarize patrons with new layouts, templates and creative, while optimizing campaigns for ticket sales.
  • Track and analyze customer data to better-target patrons based on purchase history, geographic location and past behaviors.

Act II: What We Did

  • Developed mobile-optimized email templates designed to increase clicks and sell more tickets.
  • Improved DSM’s sending schedule to include more personalized and segmented campaigns.
  • A/B tested campaign elements, such as subject lines, to increase overall engagement rates.

Act III: The Results

YOY ticket revenue from email
Above average email open rates
above average email click rates

Curtain Call: The Next Steps

  • Save Time & Drive ROI: Integrate further segmentation, personalization and automation into DSM’s email marketing strategy.
  • Track Metrics that Matter: Continue to track across domains to identify conversion rates for all marketing channels and campaigns.
  • Optimize Other Channels: Incorporate similar tactics in building a new responsive website and content marketing strategy.