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Upgrade Your Emails with the “View All Events” Button

upgrade emails

Success can be simple and often the smallest of changes can have the most positive of impacts. That’s where the importance of creativity plus testing and measurement come into play.

At the start of 2015, we added a tracked call-to-action (CTA) button that linked to all upcoming events within several clients’ email templates. Using a unique Etix partner ID allowed us to easily track ticket sales from that all inclusive button specifically. The results are astounding.

The Results:

  • $55K of additional ticket revenue accumulated within the year.
  • 21% of revenue from email was generated by the newly added “all events” button for one client.
  • The “all events” button also contributed to 19% of overall ticket sales through email for the same client.
  • Another client saw a 271% increase in ticket sales through email.
  • On average, the “all events” button was responsible for 9% of total ticket sales.
  • Of the 10 emails reviewed, the see “all events” button had an average 40% click rate; often at least 10% higher than all other links.

Tips, Tricks & How to Get Started Today:

  • First and foremost, make your data trackable. Add a unique tag to your link or use Cross-Domain Tracking to see how many ticket sales are coming from specific shows versus a see all events button.
  • At Rockhouse, we’re all about targeted emails. However, don’t let that limit your fans’ options! Even though some patrons may be more inclined to attend upcoming comedy shows at your venue, that doesn’t mean they won’t see an upcoming rock show that also sparks their interest.
  • “Above the fold” is not as important as it once was. In fact, a post published by Chartbeat Blog states, “even if not every reader scrolls down the page, the vast majority of readers’ collective time is spent below the fold.” Even UX expert Luke Wroblewski tweeted, “On mobile, half of the users start scrolling within 10 seconds and 90% within 14 seconds.” That means that every inch of your email is valuable and you don’t need to worry about the button getting lost down the page.
  • Stay true to your brand’s style. Use your primary CTA button color for your most important content and a secondary color for your “view all events” button. Be consistent and make it stand out, but not compete.
  • Multiple venues? No problem! This goes back to the earlier point about not limiting yourself. Even if you’re using an email to promote a show at one of your venues, don’t miss the opportunity to also show off great events coming to your other locations.