Data & Analytics

Great data is essential for Chris' decisions, and for yours, too.
Our advanced reporting tools empower your Accounting, Box Office & Marketing teams.
With scheduling, automation and mobile tools, you get the data you need, when you need it.

Data Focused, Dollar Driven

We love data, but large amounts of it can feel overwhelming. Let us organize your database with our more than 15 years of experience so you can focus on your target customers.

Box Office Reporting

If you need a report, chances are we have it. We can help you manage, analyze and monitor your data, track your cash flow, follow your money, balance your sellers, learn more about your fans and more. In short, we have all of the tools necessary to track and analyze all of your data.

Real-time Reports

We give you real-time access to your numbers and the ability to export your data whenever you need it, so you can know your business better—no need for a middleman, period.

Google Analytics Integration

You can now see the entire purchase funnel—from your website to—through your own Google Analytics account, enabling better ROI tracking than ever before.

Advanced Analytics Platform

With Etix Analytics, you’ll find your most actionable data all in one place, helping you gain insight into ticket purchaser behavior.

Etix Community CRM

The Etix Community feature provides easy access to your customer data, allowing you to quickly view and sort your ticket buyers by purchase history or demographics and export for use in your email marketing campaigns.


Mobile Reporting App

We know you’re not always tied to your desk, or even within arm’s reach of a computer. With our mobile reporting app, you don’t have to be; you can view all of your ticketing reports on-the-go.

Schedule and Automate Reports

Our Report Scheduler does exactly what the name implies—it allows you to schedule your favorite reports to run automatically, then have them delivered directly to your inbox.

All the reports you need

Our customizable report suite has all the reports your organizations. Here’s a sample of what you’ll get.

Zip Code Reports
Box Office Reports
Methods of Payment
Custom Guests Lists
Event Audits
Ticket Sales Reports
Daily Sales Reports
Real-Time Ticket Snapshot

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