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20 Years with Etix: Our Best Features & Updates

Etix has been an innovator in the ticket industry from the early days, creating the first print-at-home ticket. 20 years later, we continue to pave the way for online ticketing, and have built features that embrace a mobile-first world, combat fraud, and make the consumer purchase process simpler. 

It’s only fair for us to share our top 20 innovations and features for 2020 and our 20th year as a company. 

Mobile Forward

Mobile-Optimized Checkout

Since 2000, we have optimized our mobile checkout process to make transactions simpler and safer, especially when two-thirds of all Etix purchases occur on a mobile device now. This includes creating a three-step optimized purchase process, a mobile-friendly ticket perfect for scanning, and an Apple Wallet integration for quick loading and scanning at the door. 

Etix Apps for Box Office Managers

Our mobile-forward innovation also extends to box office managers who need to check ticket sales on the go or have an easy way to scan tickets at the door. Our roster of mobile apps include the Etix Manager App and the Etix Scanner App. The Etix Venue App is also available as a customized, venue-specific app that integrates with Etix through our API. A performance only needs to be created once in Etix and will automatically be pushed to the app so customers can quickly check for new events and buy tickets. 


ConnectFun allows fairs to create effortless transactions for rides, games, and food for their guests. Branded companion iOS and Android apps gives fans complete control to purchase and distribute credits to everyone in their group or family, allowing them to skip the line at the box office window or kiosk.  Fans will have the option to purchase RFID wristbands/cards onsite at the fair, or well in advance when they purchase their regular gate admission.

Simplifying the Purchase Process

Checkout Surveys

Checkout Surveys makes it easier to collect patron demographics, interests, and miscellaneous information for events that require registration or other specific details. Customers are prompted to answer designated questions before completing their purchase, allowing for accurate data collection for each ticket they buy.

Group Purchasing Enhancements

Online Group Buy was designed to assist group leaders purchase bulk number tickets online and hassle-free, making it simpler to purchase large quantities for general admission events such as fairs, music exhibitions, and festivals.

Secure Payments with PayPal

PayPal is a safe and secure way to pay for online and mobile purchases. In order to optimize the checkout process as much as possible, we partnered with Paypal as a method of purchasing tickets. In a recent case study, we found that mobile purchases increased by over 30% after adding PayPal as a method of payment.

Upsells, Memberships, & Donations

A part of our mission to simplify the purchase process is including options to purchase upsells (such as parking), member subscriptions, and donations, in one transaction. The ability to not only purchase a ticket, but also add-ons eliminates the need for multiple purchase processes, reduces customer time spent finding all that they need, and increases incremental revenue.

Timed Entry Ticketing for Tours

Etix launched a state-of-the-art checkout experience and access control that meets the unique needs of tours, museum exhibits, and even ferry boats. Our timed ticket options allow you to control the number of visitors within a certain time period. Provide your customers with a better user experience and quicker purchase process, while ensuring a steady flow through your venue.

Box Office Enhancements

Cash Drawer Management

Managing multiple ticket seller cash balances can be overwhelming. The Cash Drawer feature allows you to initiate cash adds and drops directly within our Box Office platform. You have more visibility into important stats like number of active sellers and total outstanding cash balance, and even quickly close out your sellers at the end of a shift.

Venue POS & Quick Sale

One of the biggest features we rolled out is our selling method – Venue POS.  Venue POS offers an alternative to the Java applet selling screens, and makes the selling process more efficient and user-friendly. As a bonus product update, Venue POS also includes the capability to purchase and validate tickets all at once! It’s partner feature, Venue POS Quick Sale is optimized for General Admission and Best Available ticket sales. Sell tickets fast and efficiently to get patrons into your event. As an added benefit, you can even print and validate tickets in one step getting your patrons in the door faster.

Buy X Get Y

Etix’s Buy X Get Y feature allows you to customize “buy one get one” offer types to fit your event’s unique experience. See the creative ways you can use this feature to increase your ticket sales.

Mobile Box Office

Sell tickets where your fans are! Etix Mobile Office was created to help shorten lines at the door, provide instant parking purchases, and sell outside the walls of your box office window.

Powered by Marketing

Automated Emails & Notifications

Email automation is your answer to sending pre-event, reminder, or even post-event emails as often as possible, without even lifting a finger.  Not only is this an easy way to remind fans to buy those tickets, but also to grow your email database. In 2017 alone, our automated email reminders generated over million in additional ticket revenues, annually.  We believe that your customers should never reach a dead end in the ticket purchase flow. Automated emails are provided for Pre-Sale Notification, Cart Abandonment reminders, Sold Out Performance, and post-event Thank You’s.  This feature can be turned on and off at your convenience, and even provides the option to recommend similar upcoming shows to ticket buyers.

Facebook Events Integration 

Facebook has grown to a community of 2+ billion monthly active users who regularly use the platform to discover new events and even purchase tickets. Etix offers the ability to publish an official event to Facebook after creating it in the Etix system, reducing the time in building Facebook events manually and getting the word out faster.

Customizable Email Editor

Whether you plan to update attendees about the weather forecast or send a last-minute time change, you can email your customers effortlessly with Email Guest feature.  This allows you to customize your message in a WYSIWYG editor and send a test message before sending to patrons.  You can also customize the automated thank-you email that is 24 hours after the event time has passed.  A thank-you goes a long way and you can even recommend other events or ask for feedback by including a post-event survey.

Etix Community

The way to your customer’s heart (and wallet) is identifying what makes them unique. Etix Community makes it easy for our clients to segment this data into high-performing campaigns with focused marketing messages. Etix Community is also integrated with Mailchimp, so you can easily export your segments and start marketing campaigns.

Robust Reporting & Etix Analytics

We believe your data is yours to market and analyze with.  In order to get a better understanding of your data, we introduced Etix Analytics, a dashboard that aggregates with Google Analytics to show clients’ traffic, conversion rates and revenue for referral and marketing channels. Let’s not forgot about the 200+ reports dashboard

Customer Protection

Ticket Insurance

 63% of event goers say they are more likely to purchase tickets if they can cancel for unforeseen reasons like illness or weather emergencies. We partnered with Allianz Worldwide Partners to empower your customers to purchase tickets early and protect their tickets.

Fraud Detection Using Sift Science

In order to combat ticket fraud and make sure more legitimate tickets are sold, we use Sift Science to detect fraud and false purchases in real-time.  Fraudulent orders are detected in milliseconds without disrupting the transaction saving you time and ticket revenue without sacrificing trusted customer service.

Securer Ticket Delivery Options

We want your customers to have a fair shot when purchasing tickets to high volume performances. Delayed Print-at-Home delivery allows you to check for orders placed by bots or brokers.  Not to mention, send legitimate ticket buyers an automated second confirmation email with a link to print their tickets closer to the performance.

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