Etix 2016 Top 5 Product Updates

Our Top 5 New Features & Reports of 2016

Product News & Tips

The Etix team has made quite a few updates to our ticketing platform in the last year.  We’re rounding up some of the biggest updates and new features we’ve introduced in 2016. Check them out!

1. Bulk Data Review

The Bulk Data Review feature allows you to check important data from multiple performances with slightly different data all at once. This is a handy tool for reviewing performances in events series, such as multiple dates of The Lion King at a performing arts center or schedules times for a museum tour. In just a few easy steps, you can check and compare the ticket text, sales scheduled and price code details of several performances.


2. Performance Level Export Customer Data Report

The Performance Export Customer Data report gives you the capability to easily pull customer data, such as name and email address, for ticket buyers of just one performance. Previously, you could get this information by manipulating date ranges in the Venue level version of this report – we think this one is better and easier to use!


3. Delayed Print-at-Home Delivery

We’ve developed the Delayed Print at Home delivery method to deter fraud and keep tickets out the hands of re-sellers. We want your customers to have a fair shot when purchasing tickets to high volume performances. Delaying delivery allows you to check for orders placed by bots or brokers.  Not to mention, send legitimate ticket buyers an automated second confirmation email with a link to print their tickets closer to the performance.


4. Etix Fee Auto Pop

No more manually calculating Etix fees!  You can now auto populate fees when creating performances. This feature simplifies the performance creation process and ensures that the correct fee is being collected during the checkout process, which makes settlement easier and more accurate. Etix Fee Auto Pop is currently being rolled out to all venues – contact your Client Services rep for more info.


5. Venue POS 

One of the biggest features we rolled out this year is our new selling method – Venue POS.  Venue POS will offer an alternative to the Java applet selling screens, and make the selling process more efficient and user-friendly. As a bonus product update, Venue POS also includes the capability to purchase and validate tickets all at once! After a very successful 6 month beta testing period, this feature will be rolled out to all Etix clients in 2017.

Venue POS