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5 Essential Ticketing Reports That You Always Need

Etix has over 150 reports to gather your ticket data in any way you want. With so many reports, there are few that are our go-to favorites.

Here are the five reports you need to keep in your favorites for a comprehensive look at your ticketing data at all times.


All Around Day of Show Purposes

The day of your show is here and you need a detailed report that breaks down all the important numbers such as unsold ticket numbers, missed revenue and overall total sales.

Why It’s Important: Venue operators specifically need a report that helps settle with the artist or promoter.

The Etix Version:

The Detailed Audit breaks out sales today and total sales to date by price level and package for your performance.  It also displays the unsold capacity and potential revenue for this capacity.

Primary metrics:

  • Sales Today Broken Down by Price Level and 
  • Total Sales
  • Unsold Capacity


On-the-go Purposes

It’s day one of your onsale; have a report that tracks your ticket sales, total revenue, and open tickets in real time.

Why it’s important:

You want a quick look to check on the “health” of your ticket sales so you can make informed decisions on the fly (e.g., changing prices, adjusting inventory levels).

The Etix Version

The Ticket Snapshot is the perfect overview to look on-the-go. The snapshot is particularly useful for onsale days in order to see the progression of sales in real-time. The data is displayed in a simple manner with the most important numbers in the forefront. The Ticket Snapshot is easily viewable on your phone and is the only report that has two different email capabilities.

Primary metrics:

  • Total Revenue
  • Number of Paid Orders
  • Open Tickets


Marketing Purposes

A comprehensive marketing report should show—at minimum—your sales channel data, time of day most customers are most purchasing, and geographical data (i.e., where your purchasers live).

Why it’s important: Metrics help you understand your customers’ purchase habits, which enable you to tailor targeted marketing messages and drive conversions.

The Etix Version

With Etix Analytics you’ll find your most actionable data all in one place. Etix Analytics consists of several reports that will help you gain insight into ticket purchaser behavior.

Key metrics:

  • Sales by Geo: Quickly view ticket sales by location for one or more performances.
  • Tickets per Order: Displays the number of tickets sold per order for a single performance or by aggregate for multiple performances.
  • Sales Matrix: Displays ticket sales by day and hour so you can better understand the ticket purchasing habits of customers for a single performance or multiple performances


Financial Purposes

Your accounting team needs a comprehensive report that breaks down revenue by price codes and methods of payment for reconciliation.

Why it’s important: Quickly ensure your box office sales match payments run through your processor, and also help you spot any errors or trouble spots.

The Etix Version:

The Ticket Sales Report is our most common financial report to use for reconciling your merchant account. Your shows actions at the Price Code and Payment Processor level by Venue and Performance.

This report allows for a lot of customization to receive the information you are looking for with filtering options. 

Personnel Purposes

You’ll need a report that breaks down each seller’s deposits for each day and compares their cash amounts to what they should have in drawers.

Why it’s important: Keeping track of your ticket sellers at the box office is helpful in balancing your ticket sales and verifying the amount of cash each user should have collected.

The Etix Version

The Venue Box Office Sales Report is the most frequently used report for balancing sellers at the end of a shift across one or multiple Venues.  If a seller’s activity needs you to take a closer look, you can view specific transactions within the report. This report will only reflect ticket money and does not include Memberships or Donations.  

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