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5 Tips to Manage Traffic Flow Through Your Museum

Museums could be the first places to offer a haven for people who have experienced weeks of isolation. Their openings would signal the beginnings of a return for cultural experiences. As states and cities slowly lift stay-at-home regulations and put in place social distancing measures, it is crucial for patrons to feel healthy and safe in event spaces, but also have an enjoyable visitor experience. 

When adjusting to a new normal in the post-COVID-19 landscape, museums will need to consider new protocols and adjustments to evolving customer expectations. People will be wary of spaces that invite large groups of people without space to keep at least a few feet away from each other.  Implementing and communicating proper social distance practices is key to your patrons feeling safe and central to any successful reopening.

Here are five tips we recommend to provide a safe and comfortable reopening space before your guests enter your museums:

1. Implement Timed Tickets

A great way to reopen your museum to the public, while maintaining social distancing, is by implementing timed-entry passes. Timed entry allows you to control the number of guests that are in your space at any given time by issuing a specific number of passes for each time slot. Timed entry tickets also ensure you have access control and can manage traffic flow to adhere to state guidelines for social gatherings.  

2. Transition to complete contactless ticketing and admissions

Reducing the number of contact points the patron has between entering your museum and exiting is another way to manage traffic flow. Museums in China have implemented online-only ticket purchases and eliminated paper tickets to decrease interactions between staff and patrons. Patrons can only redeem their tickets by mobile, promoting no-touch scanning at the gate and smoother access control. 

3. Integrate membership programs and donations 

Adding a membership program is a great way to strengthen your connections with your community, allowing people to invest in your museum, show support, and gain exclusive rewards. Etix streamlines the membership process by integrating it with the ticket purchase process. Patrons can purchase and renew memberships as well as redeem benefits, all while buying admission tickets.

4. Provide smaller, private tours

If your museum relies on special exhibits and events to sell for revenue, consider smaller groups and private tours through timed entry options. For example, you can provide small group tours for older people at special times when traffic is less.  The exclusivity will generate higher demand and can also be a membership benefit. Not only would it be a comfortable experience, but also more personal for your members.

5. Make your ticket exchange policies flexible 

Consider flexible ticket exchange policies to encourage people who are sick or coughing to stay home, and come back another day. People are scared of people. Allowing customers to redeem their ticket on a different day can decrease the loss of revenue and promote better health standards.

COVID-19 presents a challenge to the future of our cultural experiences, especially in public spaces. When you reopen, social distancing protocols and guidelines need to be present and clear. Implementing these methods will help you provide safe and positive experiences for everyone.

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