5 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement With Great Content

5 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement with Great Content


Engaging content is the best way to get your message across to your Facebook audience and stand out from the crowd. Not only does engaging content make your posts more interesting, but more users will interact with your content regularly. Your posts will organically rank higher on newsfeeds without spending money on boosting them.

So how can you plan out engaging content? We outlined some of our best practices for boosting Facebook engagement below! Remember the key to any successful content strategy is adaptability. Content should be dynamic with current events or themes.

5 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement With Great Content

1. Pose a question

Encourage fans to engage with your posts by asking them a question. Great examples of this include asking fans to caption a photo, comment with their favorite artist or band, or express their opinion on a related topic. Tie a question to a trending topic (like the post below) and you’ve delivered a knockout post!

2.  Ask Fans to Fill in the ____.

Asking fans to fill in the blank is a great way to drive engagement with a post. We’ve seen great reactions on posts that ask for a favorite song, favorite album, favorite artist, etc. Don’t restrict who can comment by asking a super specific question – instead, try to position blanks so anyone can respond!

5 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement With Great Content

3.  Ask Fans to Cast Their Vote.

Have a decision you need to make and want your fans to help? Create a post where fans can share their feedback in the comments. Trying to finalize the beers available at your venue? Post a photo of the options and ask for your fans’ input. Want to gauge the pulse on an artist you’re considering booking? Post a current article of the artist and ask your audience what they think. Fans respond positively when they feel like their opinion is valued.

4.  Feature People From Your Venue or Event

Did you know that photos with faces of people get 38% more engagement than those without? Facebook followers respond well to seeing the human-ness of your venue or event. Feature a rockstar employee or do a #tbt (throwback Thursday) post like Tyson Events Center did for their I Rock the 80s show.

5 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement With Great Content

5.  Promote Local and Community Events.

Did the 4th of July schedule for the park down the street just get released? Maybe there’s a local charity race in the neighborhood. Share it on your page so your fans can engage with it and trust you as a source for local happenings. Even if it isn’t your event, your Facebook fans will appreciate the “community” feel and interact with the post.

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