Accessible to Everyone – What You Need to Know About the ADA and Live Events


Whether you’re new to live events or a veteran, we know you want to create an enjoyable, memorable experience that is accessible for all of your fans. It’s crucial to ensure you’re up to speed on the latest compliance requirements and regulations. Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Title III was enacted on March 15, 2011 to prohibit discrimination of disability in public settings.

Live event areas are one of the 12 categories of places of public accommodation under the ADA. Whether you are a concert hall, an exhibit or a motor speedway, there are many ways to accommodate everyone in your audience.

Etix wants to work with you on key factors that are mandatory through Title III. Let’s go over accessible seating, service animals, and how you can keep your venue up to date with ADA requirements. Our goal is to help you provide a safe, and welcoming experience to your whole fan base!

Something no one wants to hear: I. NEED. SPACE!

Space is not only necessary for accessible seating, but also the seats that come along with it. Did you know Title III requires you to save up to three seats per accessible seat? This ensures enough room is allocated for anyone to feel comfortable at an event.

Live Event

Good dog!! (or horse? Or lamb?)

Service animals are trained to master tasks to assist someone who has a physical or mental disability. The work these animals do is fascinating: They can provide non-violent protection, rescue work, retrieve medicine, and identify symptoms pre-seizure or during a seizure. The crazy part — that’s only a handful of actions they can do! Sometimes a patron may have more than one animal assisting them because the responsibilities are so extensive. 

But wait, It gets better….

Miniature horses can be registered service animals

Dogs and miniature horses can be registered service animals, and yes, you have to let them into your venue.  

Read more on the access of service animals:

ADA Service Animals

Better Safe than Sorry

Make sure you are clear and consistent. Clearly mark exits, bathrooms, steps, and especially unusual flooring. This could be an incline in your venue, a misplaced step or anything that may cause access problems, or even injuries.

Interpreter at Live Event

The power of communication

Making sure ALL your attendees feel welcome and comfortable is the top priority of ADA. This includes anyone  living with a communication disability, like someone who is deaf, blind, or hard of hearing. As a facility you are responsible for providing additional aids and services to make communication easy and accessible.

Not everyone can hire this rockstar so check out this helpful list of interpreters, devices, and other materials: Auxiliary aids and services

Last, but far from the least

ADA requires all tickets, whether they are a general seat, or an accessible seat, to be sold at the same price when in the same section, with same time frame and promotions —this includespre-sales, promos, general, wait lists, andlotteries.Your venue website and ticketing platform need to provide the same amount of detail when showing visual representations. Why? because this gives the patron the chance to determine if this seat meets the his or her needs!

Live Event Ticket

We want to help you help your fans. Going above and beyond to make everyone’s experience one-in-a-lifetime will never go unnoticed. Etix thanks you for the entertainment and experiences you give to our communities. Better yet, we thank you for making them accessible to the whole community.