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NIVA Save Our Stages

Etix Founder/CEO Travis Janovich Named to NIVA Advisory Board

Guest post by Michael Reklis, Etix

Last week the National Independent Venues Association (NIVA) announced the lineup for its advisory board, which consists of key live event industry executives including Etix founder and CEO Travis Janovich. Janovich is joined by prominent musicians such as Quincy Jones, Dave Grohl, and Killer Mike, and other tech companies, such as YouTube, Spotify and Lyte. Etix was one of the founding sponsors of NIVA, providing critical funding to allow NIVA to begin lobbying Congress as soon as possible.

The new advisory board will lend insights to both NIVA and the National Independent Venue Foundation (NIVF) as the live industry seeks to optimize its return from the live industry’s coronavirus shutdown.

Since its inception nearly a year ago in April 2020, NIVA has provided critical relief to and served as an advocate for the live industry, ultimately helping to secure the passage of the bipartisan Save Our Stages Act in December as part of the federal government’s larger COVID-19 relief package. Moving forward, NIVA and NIVF will continue to preserve and nurture the ecosystem of independent venues and promoters throughout the United States. NIVA offers a variety of ways you can contribute, from donations to merch purchases, membership, and more. Visit Nivassoc.org and #SaveOurStages!

Etix is excited to continue to lend its support to this great cause, and we look forward to seeing all of you at a live event soon!

Michael Reklis is Director of Sales for Music Venues at Etix. He is also a volunteer staff member for NIVA. 

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