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How We Captured Data, Increased Revenue & Grew an Email Database with On-Site WiFi

After reading our Blueprint, How to Reach Your Unknown Ticket Holders, you know that the average ticket order is 2.7 tickets. All conspiracy theories aside, every person you can not identify who walks into your venue, enters your casino  or steps onto your fairgrounds is a potential lost future revenue. So, how can you target and contain that oh-so-valuable 2/3 of your audience? As we approached Cape Cod Melody Tent’s 2015 Season that is the same question we asked ourselves. Below, you’ll see how we were able to conquer the issue by capitalizing on the most evident fact… people always want to be connected.

Before we really get into the details, here are some note-worthy stats that really drive home how important providing your guests and fans with on-site WiFi actually is. According to a study by Gallup, 52% of smartphone users check their phones a 4+ times per hour. According to a collection of WiFi statistics published by the Huffington Post, “75% of Americans said that a week without WiFi would leave them grumpier than a week without coffee.” That’s pretty intense considering we go through about five pots every day. When your fans are waiting for their favorite artist to get on stage, there’s no question that they’re checking their phones and it’s increasingly probable that they’re searching for a usable WiFi network. In fact, Catalyst says that 50%+ of attendees are engaged with social media during events.

The Results

By providing WiFi at Cape Cod Melody Tent and using a simple email capture as the barrier to entry, we were able to identify over 10% of the audience at just one show. The WiFi Marketing Automation tools also allowed us to push valuable and relevant promotions into motion, resulting in a total of 2,000+ unique impressions and just about 400 total conversions. Most striking, WiFi email capture contributed to 77% of overall email list growth. Considering that email marketing has an average ROI of $44, that’s a lot of potential revenue in the works!

How you can get started today:

  • Survey your audience. Still not sure? Try sending out a simple survey asking your audience if they might be interested in using WiFi while at your venue.
  • Take notes. Next time you check-in to a hotel or get cozy at a coffee shop, sign in to the WiFi network and make a note of who the provider is.
  • Plan ahead. Consider which relevant promotions are most important to your bottom-line and make a calendar for when to push what. For example, each country show is an opportunity to promote future shows in that genre.