Etix Live! Orlando has been postponed. The safety and well-being of our clients and team members is our top priority. As soon as it is safe to reschedule Etix Live! Orlando, we will do so. 


Disney's Coronado Springs Resort


Boot Camp: TBA

Regular Classes: TBA


Etix Live sessions are on us! You're responsible for your travel and hotel stay.

What is Etix Live!?

Held twice a year, Etix Live! empowers Box Office Managers, Marketers, Promoters, Financial Managers and Venue Managers with actionable steps to stay competitive and current in an ever-changing entertainment industry.

You don’t have to be team Box Office to benefit from Etix Live! We bring our marketing gurus and financial whizzes and so should you.

“My favorite thing about Etix Live! was all the Etix trainers. I came out with a lot of knowledge and it was a lot of fun.” - Etix Live! Orlando 2019 Attendee

What to Expect

  • Three days of value-packed classes taught by our system experts; our courses are crafted with attendee feedback coupled with our knowledge of both the industry and software
  • Optional half-day of beginner classes including Laying a Solid Foundation: Etix Boot Camp, Tis’ Your Season: Package Boot Camp and Members Only: Membership Boot Camp
  • Engage your venue-specific questions with an Etix instructor during Learning Lab and get up close with equipment staples and peruse new innovations during the Equipment Expo
  • Classes are presented in a small classroom environment with an average class size of 25
  • Box office classes focusing on venue setup, performance creation, reporting and day of show tasks
  • Attend marketing classes focusing on social media, email best practices, and system marketing tools
  • Downloadable reference guides to follow along with class content
  • ... and more!

If that weren’t enough, what also makes Etix Live! a must-attend conference is the opportunity to connect with other industry professionals during breaks and evening networking activities.

One of the best conferences/trainings I've ever attended. Looking forward to working with you all.” - New Client / Etix Live! Denver 2019 Attendee

Hotel Information

There are a limited number of rooms secured for $179 a night at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort.

Please help us keep Etix Live! affordable as the event continues to grow—booking in the Etix Live! Room Block at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is critical to the success of our event and keeps registration complimentary.

We will update hotel booking information upon event rescheduling.

Flight Information

Secure your discounted flight rate with anyone flying to Etix Live! with Delta Airlines, United Airlines, or American Airlines now.

DELTA: Be sure to enter the MEETING CODE: NMTQC in the box provided to receive a discount. The box is labeled “Meeting Event Code.” Note: The code may already be filled in for you.

UNITED: Be sure to enter the MEETING CODE: ZHPC728686 in the box provided to receive a discount. The box is labeled “Offer Code.”

AMERICAN: This discount can be booked online for AA/AE flights only using the PROMOTION CODE: 5360EG.

Transportation Options

Disney’s Magical Express Transportation takes you to and from Orlando International Airport and your Disney Resort hotel. Reservations required at least 30 days in advance. 

The Orlando area supports both Uber and Lyft, as well as standard taxi services. Passengers can meet their drivers on the arrivals curb (Level 2) for airport pick up.

Visit to book your reservation with the Corporate Code CD0BE71906. This corporate code entitles you to lower rates on your Advantage rental.

Click here for other transportation options to and from the airport.

Education Programming


Bootcamps (special registration required)
  • Foundation Boot Camp: All Systems Go
  • Foundation Boot Camp: Create Performances
  • Foundation Boot Camp: Financial Reporting 101

Join us as we kick off regular sessions

Regular Programming
  • Our House: Venue Management
  • Responding to Chargebacks
  • Marketing Class with Rockhouse Partners
  • Creating Usernames and Granting Permissions
  • Reducing the Risk: Minimizing Fraud
  • Event Life Cycle; Maximize Your Marketing Opportunities
  • Creating Usernames
  • System Fraud Tools
  • Stop Wasting Advertising Dollars
  • Event Series Creation
Mix and Mingle


Regular Programming
  • Inventory Management 
  • Advanced Performance Management
  • Etix Tools to Amplify Your Marketing Strategy
  • Seating Chart Review
  • Making ADA a Breeze
  • Tracking: Understanding Your Audience Funnel
  • Selling Tickets
  • Venue Financial Reports
  • Client Services Secrets
  • Customer Profiles
  • Creating Print-At-Home Layouts
  • System Marketing Tools
  • Order Management Mastery
  • Cash Drawer Management
  • Exchanges and Reclass
  • Etix Analytics and Etix Community
  • Seller's Cash Reports
  • Ticket Reservations
  • Generating System Emails

Join us for cocktails and a chance to check out some of the latest ticketing and scanning hardware available from our equipment team. 


Regular Programming
  • Day of Show Reporting
  • Day of Show Printing
  • Enter Promo Code Here
  • Day of Show Scanning
  • Card-Specific Presale
  • Buy X Get Y


Do past attendees recommend Etix Live!?
Yes, they do!  Two clients were recently kind enough to share their Etix Live! experience, you can read about them here.  
I have been a box office manager for years; is Etix Live! going to be too basic for me?

No way!  Etix continuously releases software improvements and new features.  We dedicate time to take a deep dive into both new features and often-overlooked details allowing you to pick up new skills and polish existing ones.  You will also benefit from hearing how counterparts use the system and form a community of Etix peers to ask questions after the event. Etix Live! attendees adopt our new features more than clients who do not attend because they learn about the use of the feature, instead of intending to read that email notification about the feature later!

One attendee said “every time I attend Etix Live! I learn so much more about the system and its capabilities.”

I am not in the box office; are there classes for me?

Absolutely, we have multiple tracks designed for those who are not strictly in the box office.  Various marketing, reporting, and finance related classes are taught during Etix Live!

I am a new client and do not know anything about the system. Is Etix Live! too advanced for me?

If you have not yet worked with the Training Team, welcome to Etix!  We recommend scheduling phone training with us. Additionally, make sure you have access to our webinars and knowledge base prior to Etix Live!  Laying a Solid Foundation: Etix Boot Camp is a great way for new clients to kick start their Etix Live! experience.

Can you help me decide which classes to attend?

Our training team is always happy to make recommendations!  We provide attendees with digital audits outlining the features they currently are and are not using. We then make three class recommendations based on the attendee’s job title and features not utilized to direct them to the best-fitting classes.

What is the Learning Lab?

The Learning Lab gives you the opportunity to spend 30 minutes one-on-one with an instructor to discuss your venue-specific questions.  No registration is necessary, it is first come first served.

What is included with basic registration?

As much as possible! Registration includes your choice of classes, access to boot camps, a digital audit of features you are using, class recommendations, evening network activities, access to learning labs, downloadable reference guides and lunch!

Also, if you stay at the conference hotel, the Disney Magical Express is a free transportation service to and from the airport that our guests can take advantage of and have access to a variety of other perks! 

What if I registered but a coworker will now attend in my place?

We can help you transfer your registration!  Please email us at university (at) etix (dot) com.

Can I attend the conference remotely?

No, Etix Live! is designed for clients to attend in a classroom environment.

Training conferences are really boring; why should I attend?

We keep this in mind when planning and focus on providing actionable information you can be excited to try when back in the office.  Because classes are often info-overload, we have scheduled breaks throughout the day and keep class sizes small so there can be more discussion on the topics. We also have evening networking activities, if you gain more from building a network than content-specific classes.

A previous Etix Live! Attendee said “Social hour was great! I really appreciated the time that each Etix staff member was willing to give.”

Will I be forced to participate in activities or speak in front of a group?

No. We know many prefer to be active listeners so will not require anyone to speak in class.  When instructors ask for discussion or participation, it is completely voluntary.

What if I am super busy and don't have time to attend?

The flow of the schedule was designed for those who may not be able to attend the entire conference, our instructors will be happy to recommend the best classes for you if you have a limited amount of time.  Because studies show “untrained workers have a low production value and are inefficient” (Redshift by Autodesk) we hope for you to maximize the time you have available.

One Etix Live! Attendee said “I think it has been helpful and others from my company will learn a lot. It kept me focused on just learning Etix and not doing other work “

What if we can't afford for anyone to attend?


“Untrained employees results in lost time and money due to mistakes.” (Redshift by Autodesk)


Because the cost is very important to our clients, it is also important to us. Before a location is chosen, we do extensive research to make sure our clients get the most out of the expenses incurred.  Unlike most conferences, we do not charge a registration fee and actively find ways for you to save money at Etix Live! We also include revenue-generating or saving features in our classes, that once implemented, can help you offset the expense you incurred at Etix Live! Please click here to see our Justification letter.


A previous Etix Live! attendee said: "We walked away with so much from several different angles even. Definitely worth every penny spent to get there."



I am a visual learner; will attending Etix Live! work for me?

The majority of classes are taught live in the Etix system instead of via presentations so we can address any questions that arise and you can see the results of the feature we are discussing.  We encourage you to follow along with your device and implement real-world applications. We also provide clients access to our training venues if they prefer.

“You cover such a wide variety of topics and cover basic knowledge to more in-depth knowledge!”—Etix Live! Attendee



Why should Etix Live! be important to me?

It allows you to invest in yourself or your staff!  Becoming an Etix expert empowers you to perform with more confidence and less time.  Even if you do not remember everything you heard, you are provided with tools to reference after Etix Live! has concluded. Untrained employees are more likely to be unhappy employees; we want to help you achieve a higher level of happiness in this fast-paced industry.

“Different classes are geared to specific levels of responsibility. Instructors are available to answer specific questions, both in class and after class.”—Etix Live! Attendee

What if I don’t want to attend training but I want to network with Etix clients and learn more about the partnerships Etix has?

Etix Blast! held in September is the event for you!  Registration will open in April for Etix Blast!

Justify Your Trip

Invest in your career as an entertainment business professional. Invest in your venue. Invest in your patrons.

At Etix Live! you will walk away as an Etix Expert after two days of in-depth training with our Etix University instructors plus an optional half-day boot camp.  Etix University will offer classes focused on the Etix system, marketing, and venue management. This event has been an invaluable platform for clients from all types of venues and events to come together in one place for networking and training.  Take what you learn back to your staff to help them provide your customers with the best experience.

Tips to justify your trip:

  • Communicate to your supervisor the benefits of attending Etix Live! and what you can bring back to your organization.
  • Offer to share what you learned with others in your organization.
  • Share reference guides with your staff.  Reference guides will be posted on the Etix Knowledge Base prior to the event. Check out the classes from a recent Etix Live in San Diego!
  • You can show off all the benefits of attending to your supervisor using the template provided here.


Contact Etix University with any questions regarding Etix Live Orlando.

Tweet us @EtixWorld with the hashtag #EtixLive and let us know you’re excited for Etix Live Orlando.