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Join us in San Diego in February for Etix Live, Etix University’s client training workshop!  Space is limited, so please register by January 20, 2020.

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Boot Camp: Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Regular Classes: Tuesday, February 11 – Thursday, February 13, 2020


Etix Live sessions are on us! You're responsible for your travel and hotel stay.

Held twice a year, Etix Live is a must for clients looking to collaborate with peers and maximize their use of the system.

Taught by our experts, classes are designed for maximum retention and take deep-dives into all facets of Etix. Empower your teams to stay competitive by walking away with actionable knowledge.

“My favorite thing about Etix Live! was all the Etix trainers.
I came out with a lot of knowledge and it was a lot of fun.”
Etix Live! Orlando 2019 Attendee

What to Expect

  • Over 30 concurrent classes taught by our system experts. Our courses are crafted with attendee feedback, industry insight, and system features that support your event life cycle.
  • Three optional Boot Camps curated to focus on specific topics: Laying a Solid Foundation: Etix Boot Camp, Tis’ Your Season: Package Boot Camp, and Members Only: Membership Boot Camp.
  • Small classroom environments to cultivate an engaging learning atmosphere.
  • Etix instructors on-hand during Learning Labs to allow time for your venue-specific questions.
  • Downloadable reference guides to follow along with class content.
  • Equipment Expo during Sip. Savor. See.
  • After Etix Live! you will have a notebook of instructions, features, and ideas for your immediate use.

If that weren’t enough, what also makes Etix Live! a must-attend conference is the opportunity to connect with other industry professionals during breaks and evening networking activities.

One of the best conferences/trainings I've ever attended. Looking forward to working with you all.” - New Client / Etix Live! Denver 2019 Attendee

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to invest in their career!

Become an expert, polish your skills, or get refresher training. Clients increase their efficiency, make important connections, and leave motivated to implement new ideas.

“The staff is exceptional and so organized! You have the opportunity to ask specific questions
pertaining to your event.”

Hotel Information

Our waterfront conference hotel, Residence Inn San Diego Downtown/Bayfront, is conveniently located for you to both stay in the same building as our classes and explore popular city spots in the evening!

Flight Information

Secure your discounted flight rate with anyone flying to Etix Live: San Diego with Delta Airlines, United Airlines, or American Airlines now.

DELTA: Be sure to enter the MEETING CODE: NMTQC in the box provided to receive a discount. The box is labeled “Meeting Event Code.” Note: The code may already be filled in for you.

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Education Programming

Tuesday, February 11

Foundation Boot Camp: All Systems Go
Whether you’re new to Etix or looking to know who to contact when, this class is for you. Review our Etix Dictionary and gain familiarity with the resources Etix University has available!
Foundation Boot Camp: Create Performances
From inserting imperative performance details to setting sales schedules, and inputting pricing, we’re covering the basics and specifics to equip you and your staff with the knowledge to build and review your performances.
Foundation Boot Camp: Financial Reporting 101
Lay the groundwork for understanding reports by covering fundamentals such as report levels, receipt versus revenue reports and which reports should be run to complement each other.
Package Boot Camp: Create Packages

From creating full-season, flex and flex with group packages to setting up prices, we’re covering the necessities to ensure you and your staff hit the ground running.

Package Boot Camp: Manage Packages
We will cover how to edit package details, distribute the price of your package and more
Package Boot Camp: Subscription Management
Learn how to set up Account Manager for your patrons and gain comfortability navigating all features that accompany this season subscription management tool.
Package Boot Camp: Reporting

We will discuss package reports in depth and how to interpret the information they provide.

Membership Boot Camp: Create Memberships
Learn how to implement the membership platform for your organization and ways to give your members discounts and specials not available to the general public.
Membership Boot Camp: Manage Memberships

Learn how to manage your current members through subscription updates and renewals. 

Membership Boot Camp: Reporting
Review the membership reporting suite to find the best report to track sales and view member activity.
Our House: Venue Management
We’ll show you how to review the Venue/Promoter Public Info page and online page view to provide the tools needed to make changes to this page on your own.
Responding to Chargebacks
We'll share knowledge that has helped us increase our win rates, including information to include in your responses.
Marketing Class with Rockhouse Partners

Session details coming soon!

Creating Usernames and Granting Permissions

We'll cover creating usernames for staff who need access to the Etix system, and how to grant role-based permissions at the venue or performance level. 

Reducing the Risk: Minimizing Fraud

Learn the differences between "friendly fraud" and other kinds of fraudulent activity, and what Etix has implemented to help reduce your risk before and after a transaction. 

Event Life Cycle: Maximize Your Marketing Opportunities

Every event has a "life cycle"—an announcement, an on sale, the event day, and more! The best marketers know how to match the right marketing tools with the right message at the right time.

Creating Usernames
In this class, we’ll cover granting profile-based permissions, i.e., giving your users role-appropriate system access. Granting the correct permissions for each profile will enable users to perform role-specific functions within the system.
System Fraud Tools

Minimize the impact of fraudulent orders by learning how to use customer limits, zip code restrictions, and the multiple customer order report.

Stop Wasting Advertising Dollars

Traditional advertising, where you pay to access the readers, listeners and viewers of newspapers, radio and tv stations, has given way to a world of direct access to fans through email and social media. Learn how to grow your audience database and focus on direct and effective one-on-one communication with your fans!

Event Series Creation

We'll cover all the details associated with event series including tying multiple performances together to create a sales link or running specific reports. 

Wednesday, February 12

Inventory Management
Learn how to control your inventory and adjust on the fly.
Advanced Performance Management

We'll teach you how to create your own print-at-home ticket, preview your cobrand, and more.

Etix Tools to Amplify Your Marketing Strategy

Curious how your event stacks up year over year? Not seeing the conversions you expected for your paid search campaign? Noticing lower engagement on your weekly eblasts? Use
Etix resources to answer your burning marketing questions and advance your campaigns!

Seating Chart Review

This class will cover the multiple steps to ensure your seating chart is correct before you sell the first ticket. 

Making ADA a Breeze

Selling accessible tickets through all sales channel is the law. We'll cover the steps you need to get your accessible seating on sale.

Tracking: Understand Your Audience Funnel

Discover the path your audience takes from an ad to your website to Etix and everywhere in between! We’ll show you where to find this info and how to make sure you’re tracking the right users.

Selling Tickets

Master the art of selling through our various sell screens and determine which is the best for your business.

Venue Financial Reports

We'll cover a selection of accounting reports from the organization to performance level, and how to use reports to complement each other.

Client Services Secrets

In this session, we'll focus on sharing the tools that your Client Services team has to build or change performances.

Customer Profiles

A good customer database is crucial; learn how to create a. customer record, how this differs from an order, and why you want to keep this information consistent.

Creating Print-at-Home Layouts

This brief class will show you how to customize your print-at-home tickets to generate revenue and enhance your brand. 

System Marketing Tools

Discover new ways to make your events even more profitable with our data-focused features designed to increase sales, boost brand awareness and grow your customer database. 

Order Management Mastery
Handle customer service situations efficiently by becoming an expert in order search, reprints, and refunds.
Cash Drawer Management

Learn how to use this feature to record sellers' starting bank, money added or removed, and track sales for end-of-shift settlements. 

Exchanges and Reclass
This class will allow you to gain the confidence needed to exchange and reclass tickets successfully.
Etix Analytics and Etix Community
Learn what data we can provide to reach your current ticket buyers and encourage them to come back with this close look at Etix Analytics and Community.
Seller's Cash Reports
We’ll review commonly used Cash Reports and discuss the most helpful reports as identified by class-peers. We’ll also cover where to locate these reports and how to read them.
Ticket Reservations
If you have group sales or season tickets, the Ticket Reserve function is crucial. Learn how to maximize your capabilities in this feature.
Generating System Emails

This class will help boost your confidence in using our email capabilities within the system, including customizing confirmation emails and more. 

Thursday, February 13

Day-of-Show Reporting
Learn which reports are going to help you settle with artist management, how to read scan reports, and investigate any questions that you may be asked during an event.
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Learn the difference between performance passwords, password protected price codes, discount codes and passcodes, as well as which options work best for your venue marketing initiatives and plans.
Day-of-Show Printing
In this class, we will cover everything from batch printing Will Call to resetting the batch print if an error has been made.
Card-Specific Presale
Has a promoter asked you to set up a card-specific presale or to let their cardholders enter a special number to buy tickets? This class will explain the process so you can create a custom link for these cards on your own!
Day-of-Show Scanning
This advanced class that will cover reviewing and setting up scan parameters. If you have wanted your ticket to scan three times a day for a week but didn’t know how to ensure this was set up properly, this class is for you.
Buy X Get Y
Learn how to set up a Buy X Get Y offer on your general Admission performances, how it appears to patrons, and the reporting for offers.

Justify Your Trip

Invest in your career as an entertainment business professional. Invest in your venue. Invest in your patrons.

At Etix Live you will walk away as an Etix Expert after two days of in-depth training with our Etix University instructors plus an optional half-day boot camp.  Etix University will offer classes focused on the Etix system, marketing, and venue management. This event has been an invaluable platform for clients from all types of venues and events to come together in one place for networking and training.  Take what you learn back to your staff to help them provide your customers with the best experience.

Tips to justify your trip:

  • Communicate to your supervisor the benefits of attending Etix Live and what you can bring back to your organization.
  • Offer to share what you learned with others in your organization.
  • Share reference guides with your staff.  Reference guides will be posted on the Etix Knowledge Base prior to the event. Check out the classes from a recent Etix Live in Denver!
  • You can show off all the benefits of attending to your supervisor using the template provided here.


Contact Etix University with any questions regarding Etix Live! San Diego

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