Looking to buy tickets for events?

Data focused. Results-driven.

Sell more tickets, grow your database, and build awareness while keeping your marketing costs down. Etix’s built-in marketing, data capture, and analytics tools help cultivate long-lasting customer relationships and increase revenue. And the best part? All of your data is completely owned by you!


Our powerful marketing automation tools will help you sell more tickets; no effort required! With features like cart abandonment notification, onsale reminders, exit email capture, and performance recommendations, our always-on marketing automation toolkit never stops working for you.


The Etix Community customer relationship system provides easy access to your customer data, allowing you to quickly view and sort your ticket buyers and export to use in your email marketing campaigns. Identify your superfans, increase loyalty, and build targeted campaigns to ensure the right information gets to the right fans with maximum ROI.


With Etix Analytics, you’ll find your most actionable data all in one place, helping you gain insight into ticket purchaser behavior. We’re also integrated with Google Analytics, so you can take full advantage of Google’s ecommerce integrations and cross-domain tracking to better understand your audience and track ROI.

Supercharge your marketing with Rockhouse Partners, our in-house digital marketing team.

Rockhouse will help you understand how to get the most out of Etix’s marketing tools, support your data-driven marketing campaigns, and share strategies proven to grow audiences and sell more tickets. We work with your team to define short- and long-term sales goals and develop a marketing strategy that works for all of your digital channels.

Reporting & Analytics
Harnessing online traffic and ticket-buyer trends, we empower your marketing team to make the right decisions and effectively measure ROI.
Email Marketing
From mobile-optimized template creation to strategic segmentation, we leverage your ticket buyer and community data to help maximize revenue through email.
Website Development &
Our mobile-optimized websites are built to sell more tickets, capture prospect data, and boost awareness for your events.
Digital Advertising
Quit wasting advertising dollars! We create and execute conversion-focused digital strategies for every stage of your event lifecycle.
Data Capture
Customers should never hit a dead end. We utilize tools that allow for data capture at every step of the ticket-buying process.
Strategic Planning
We work with your team to define short and long-term sales goals and develop a marketing strategy that works for all of your digital channels.