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Top 10 Etix Ticketing Features & Updates of 2022

With each new year comes reflection on our accomplishments in the last. At Etix, we’re constantly hard at work to make sure our system is the best it can be so that your business thrives year after year. So as we celebrate the kickoff of 2023, let’s take a look at our biggest breakthroughs, innovations, and updates of 2022!

1. Automated Payment Plans

Our new automated payment plans automatically charge customers’ cards on specified dates, meaning your box office staff no longer have to manually process payments. It has never been easier to offer incremental payments for those bigger purchases, passes, and packages.

2. New Custom Performer Tool

Clubs and concert venues rejoice! With our new Custom Performer Tool, you can easily create Custom Performers while building Performances in Etix Box Office or Express portals. Add images, bios, headliner or support roles, genre categories, videos, websites, and social links to Custom Performers in the same workflow as your show build. And forget the need to worry about updating artist info in multiple places. Custom Performers will save and feed directly to the Etix API.

Speaking of the Etix API, we’re always improving and building new ways to connect with the Etix system, and 2022 was no exception. Explore the many ways your organization can integrate with our open API to grow your business and sell more tickets.

3. Kiosks!

Etix Kiosks had a big 2022, continuing to be a cost-effective solution to staffing challenges and long wait lines. With hardware flexibility to fit the self-service needs of events large or small, and the same robust Etix ticketing system you trust, we expect our kiosks to remain a game changer for venues in 2023.

4. Sell Multiple Memberships

Patrons can now purchase multiple individual memberships online and at your box office in a single order with the ability to add or edit individual member details. This improvement will allow groups, friends, or families to purchase multiple memberships in the same order, at the same time, and with a single charge–all while maintaining individual member information.

5. Mobile Ticket and Validation Enhancements

Your fans spent more time than ever on their phones in 2022, so we’ve continued to improve the ways they interact with your venue through their mobile devices.

6. RFID Wristband Bulk Fulfillment

Need to fulfill large quantity orders of RFID passes? No problem! We’ve developed the ability for to quickly write and fulfill high volumes of RFID wristbands, enabling festivals, fairs, and large event teams to quickly find and access orders, associate RFID chips with serial numbers, and mark orders complete and ready to ship.

7. Etix Box Office Features

8. The Etix Parking App

Get ready for a fully integrated parking pass sales solution. Use the app to process card and cash transitions, set up price levels for different vehicle or pass types, issue complimentary parking for VIPs and rideshares, and keep tabs on your inventory in real time! Parking sellers can even distribute transaction receipts on the spot with our integrated mobile printer option.

9. Account Manager Updates

Throughout 2022, we made self-service even easier for patrons to manage their tickets and membership through Account Manager. Members and season ticket holders can now conveniently exchange their reserved seat tickets, edit their ticket delivery method, and view forwarded/received ticket history. These feature improvements save your box office team time, and just as importantly, offer your organization improved visibility into the tracking of ticket movement between patrons.

10. Enhanced Customization

We know that ticketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all game, so we’re always hard at work on new customization options to suit your venue’s unique needs.

B-B-B-BONUS: Google Analytics 4!

Is your marketing team ready for GA4? We are at Etix! Beginning July 1, 2023, standard Google Universal Analytics will stop processing new data, replaced by the new Google Analytics 4. Etix is ready for the transition with a full integration, ensuring your ecommerce transaction data seamlessly makes its way to GA4 for full funnel visualization and marketing success.

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