Why Cobranding Your Ticket Links Matters


Branding is everything when it comes to digital marketing. Etix and Rockhouse Partners believe that your venue branding should carry over throughout the purchase process, which is why cobranding is included on all Etix sales links. Read on to find out how cobrands are an important aspect to your digital marketing strategy.

Cobrands Keep It Consistent

The purpose of cobranding is to keep your Etix sales page consistent with the branding on your venue website. A successful cobrand consists of a header logo, background image, and colors that reflect your website’s design. By applying a cobrand to your sales link, you are ensuring that your customers feel as if they never left your site, even as they navigate to Etix to make their final purchase.

First Avenue Cobranding

Keep Your Brand at the Top of Your Customer’s Mind

We believe that brand association is a key component to customer loyalty. Our team can create a unique cobrand that stands out to customers without being too distracting throughout the purchase process. Your venue should be what your customers see first, which is why we emphasize the importance of cobranding and utilizing it in your online marketing strategy.

Summer Camp Music Festival Cobranding

To learn more, visit the Etix Knowledge base cobrands article for examples and a step-by-step guide on adding your cobrand to your sales link.