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10 Questions with CFO Joe Carino

10 Questions With Joe Carino

After many years trotting the globe and taking on the world of finance at Ticketmaster and Nixon, Joe Carino joined the Etix leadership team as Chief Financial Officer in July 2017.  We’re excited to welcome Joe to Etix and wanted to get know him a little better. We learned some truly interesting facts that we needed to share. 

Here are 10 questions we had for Joe:

1. What did you do before joining the Etix team?

After playing music, the first half of my corporate finance career was with international manufacturing companies so I spent a lot of time traveling.  Then I spent some time in software and technology companies and joined Ticketmaster where I spent eight years in West Hollywood, London and Dublin before returning to the U.S. to join a very cool action sports watch company.  Now I’m really excited to be back in ticketing!

2. What are you most looking forward to now that you are working with Etix?

We have a lot of growth potential and it will be fun to work again with creative, dedicated people who have a personal passion for our industry.  I’m also looking forward to reconnecting with many people in the business I’ve worked with in the past.  

3. How do you enjoy your spare time outside of the office?

My first loves are my wife and son. My other passions are motorcycles, traveling and of course, music, theater, sports and any other form of live entertainment.

4. What was the first concert you ever attended?

On stage or in the audience??  Actually, not sure I could answer either – that was so long ago!  I started playing in bands and going to concerts very early in life so I can’t recall my first concert.  Some of my most memorable concerts include Emerson Lake and Palmer; Tower of Power, Queen, Tina Turner, Prince and Ray Charles.

5. What is your favorite sports team?

The New England Patriots.  I wasn’t a very popular guy when I was living in Atlanta for the 2016/2017 Super Bowl.

6. What would you be doing if not ticketing?

Fantasy: playing in a R&B band; Reality: working at a start-up, software, or tech company.

7.  Where are you most likely to go to relax?

Home to sleep.  I love home and I love sleep.  I tend to be pretty wired everywhere else.

8. Do you have any unique facts about yourself?

I’m a clown.  Seriously – I mean like red wig, ball nose, big shoes and make-up kind of clown.

9. What’s one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Marry my wife sooner and have more kids.  Two of the best decisions I ever made.  Also, buy more Tesla stock.

10. What has been your favorite thing about working at Etix so far?

Working with really smart, creative people who are passionate about live entertainment and the bucket of biscotti by the coffee machine.