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Etix Live - Our Clients' Stories

Etix Live! Clients Tell Us Why They Attend

Twice a year, we take our Etix University curriculum on the road with Etix Live! These workshops are carefully curated with sessions that will appeal to beginners, advanced users, and everyone in between. Class topics include box office essentials, marketing how-tos, and even tips on fraud prevention. We asked some of our clients who have attended past Etix Live! events to share how these sessions have benefitted them and their work.

Client 1: Connecting the Dots

“You can expect a lot out of your days at Etix Live! the most prominent being the various sessions and workshops offered. There was a wide selection of sessions catering from beginner to advanced training. You have the flexibility to choose the areas that interest you most or anything you would like to know more about. After a day of sessions, you can unwind with like-minded attendees to share stories, laughs, and a photo booth picture or two.

Etix Live! was the perfect environment to strengthen the perspective of not only my position but others in my organization who are Etix users. During my sessions, I had constant ‘aha moments’ where I connected the dots and thought about things in a new way. This was strengthened even further by hearing other attendee’s successes and challenges within their own organizations. I feel Etix Live! is truly one of the fundamental elements leading to my confidence in the system today.

I had one experience that epitomizes Etix Live! for me. I was in a session with my laptop in front of me. I had discovered an issue with one of our performances and was a little unsure of the best way to handle it. I waited for the session to end and quickly approached one of the presenters. Without missing a beat, they found, solved, and explained the issue to me within minutes. That sense of service and readiness to pass along knowledge is at the core of what I experience from Etix. The conference is a wealth of expertise and advice just waiting to be absorbed by those who engage in it.”

Client 2: Boosting Confidence

“Etix Live! Without it, I would never be where I am today. When I first took over as a box office manager in 2013, I knew virtually NOTHING about building or managing an event through Etix. I had worked as the part-time box office ticket seller for a year but had never built a show or done any of the behind the scenes managing of it. At the time, we were averaging maybe 2-4 events a month and it was manageable with my limited knowledge. To be honest, the first time I went to Etix Live! I felt a little overwhelmed. Suddenly, I was learning how to do things I had been struggling to figure out since I started. Since I build all of our events in house, I enjoyed the step-by-step instructions on how to do performance management and the little tips I gathered along the way from other attendees.

Every venue is different and they typically handle stuff in a unique fashion based on their needs … but something I figured out really quickly was that not only did I learn the practical things that I needed to be able to do my job through the Etix system, but I was able to get advice and suggestions from other box office personnel who were hands-on in their venues as well.

I have continued to attend Live! workshops over the years; even though I know the system pretty well I always learn something new at every session. One of the best parts of going is to be able to get hands-on, one-on-one time with some of the trainers to voice concerns, ideas, problems, and solutions and to be able to show them in real-time what I am talking about, which is sometimes difficult to convey over email. Bottom line, I would not be as confident in what I do without the knowledge and experience I gain by attending Etix Live!”

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